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52 – Great Expectations
The time to prepare for “homecoming”
is throughout your pregnancy.
A Baby has
Real Needs
• Crib
• Portable crib
• Baby recliner/carrier
• Blankets
• Changing table
• Cleaning soaps for gentle skin
• Cotton swabs for cleaning ears and nose
• Diaper bucket and bag
• Disposable diapers
• Front carrier
• Infant car seat
• Oil, lotion, soap, vaseline, baby towels, and
wash cloths
• Outer clothing
• Rattles and playthings that aid small muscle
and large muscle development as well as
sensory stimulation
• Baby thermometer
• Stroller
Here is a practical list of needs you
may want to consider:
Specialty and department stores have a complete array of items you may need – and many you may not “need,”
but desire. Also check the baby section of your drug store for items you may find convenient. If you have any
doubts about what you will need, just get together with 3 or 4 mothers. Hours later, you will have a long list.