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Great Expectations – 45
You may think that 9 months is a long
time to get ready for your baby. You
will be amazed at how fast the time flies.
Take the time to prepare for your infant
now and save yourself from a stressful
race to get everything accomplished a
week before your due date.
Here is a list of 12 things to help you
1. Get educated.
• Go to as many classes that you can
to learn about baby care, childbirth,
breastfeeding, and infant CPR.
• Call your chosen birthing facility
for a list of classes and times.
• Remember –
knowledge is power.
2. Prepare baby's room.
Start with the basics:
• Crib.
• Changing table.
• Dresser.
• Rocking chair.
3. Safety is always a priority so
baby proof now.
• Safety cover plates for electrical
wall plugs.
• Under sink hazardous solutions.
4. Get a car seat and know how
it works.
Car seats are required by law:
• You will need an infant car seat to
take baby home from the hospital.
• Know how to use it properly before
the baby is discharged from the
• Carefully read the instructions and
make a few "trial runs" installing
the car seat.
5. Stock up on necessary items.
• Baby wipes.
• Diapers.
• Laundry detergent.
6. Food ready to go.
• Freeze meals for easy preparation.
• Stock up on nutritious snacks
(raisins, nuts, granola bars, etc.).
• Have a plan for friends and family
to bring meals to you.
7. Line up help from family and
They can help you with:
• Cleaning.
• Laundry.
• Errands.
• Meal preparation.
• Assistance with your other children.
8. Arrange pet sitter.
• Arrange with someone ahead of
time to care for your pet while you
are in the hospital.
• Make sure they meet with your pet
so there is a connection.
• Let them know your pet's routines.
9. Take a tour of your hospital or
birthing facility.
• It is nice to know where you need
to go when you are in labor.
• Make sure you pre-register at the
hospital for your admission and
get most of the paperwork out of
the way.
10. Pack your bag.
A few weeks before your due date,
have a bag ready to grab and go.
Essentials for your bag:
• Nursing bra.
• Sleepwear.
• Underwear.
• Baby clothes.
• Baby blanket.
• Personal products – i.e. toothbrush,
toothpaste, etc.
11. Choose a healthcare provider
for your baby before you go into
Here are a few questions to help you
choose your baby’s care giver:
• Interview a pediatric physician so
you can make a decision on the one
you prefer.
• Which hospital does the pediatrician
• What are the qualifications of the
• Do they accept your insurance plan
and how does the office process
billing and claims?
• Is there emergency coverage
available 24/7?
12. Take care of yourself.
• Make sure that your needs are not
pushed to the bottom of the priority
• Take the time to get the rest you
• Pamper yourself every now and
Preparing for the Arrival of
your Baby