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44 – Great Expectations
Changes in the Very
Last Weeks
You can expect even more changes during the last weeks of your
pregnancy. You will be anxious to give birth at this point. It may seem
you have been pregnant forever. You will also be tired and need more
rest. One day, you may notice a difference in how you are carrying
the baby. This is when the baby “drops” or settles down into the
bony part of your pelvis. When this happens, you may be able to
breathe easier. (Sometimes this will not happen until you are ready
to give birth to your baby.)
Your breasts enlarge even more near the end of the pregnancy,
and milk may start to leak from them. Your appetite may
diminish, and you may be nauseated again. Pressure is
sometimes reported in the vaginal area, and you may feel
the need to urinate frequently. Mostly, you will feel heavy,
clumsy and impatient! It is about time to stop “expecting”
and start getting on with the business of birth!
There are a number of educational courses to prepare couples
for pregnancy and the eventual birth of their newborn. Mothers
who take these classes report they need less pain medicine and
anesthesia during labor and have had more positive feelings
about their birth experience. Expectant fathers are more helpful
during labor when they have attended these childbirth classes.
Remember, no matter what type of birth you have, you will still
find the information from the classes very helpful. You should
learn as much as possible about this process.