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Great Expectations – 3
You have GREAT EXPECTATIONS... and you
have a lot of questions, too. Whether this is your
first pregnancy or your third, this booklet is
designed to help answer those questions. You
will be going through some changes during
the next few months, both physical and
mental. Sometimes you will wonder,
­­“Is this normal?” “What is going on?”
This booklet will reassure you and keep
you informed. Please read it from cover
to cover so you will know exactly what to
expect during your pregnancy. Refer to
it when you have specific questions. The
answers may be right here.
For the first few weeks after your
pregnancy is confirmed, all you will be
able to think is, “I am really pregnant.”
It is a happy and emotional revelation.
Yet you may also be thinking about the
impact on your life, your family, your
budget and other matters. So there is
work to be done and many things to
learn and understand. Use this booklet
as a reference guide so you can make
the best of your own...